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KPD Consulting conducted an external assessment of corruption risks of ENERGOATOM, the largest electricity power producer in Ukraine with a share of aggregate production of more than 50% of the total electricity production in Ukraine. The scope of services included an assessment of corruption risks and the Client’s processes aimed at reducing of corruption risks. The Client received comprehensive recommendations for improvements of its existing procedures. The assessment and recommendations were made under the requirements of ISO 37001:2016 "Anti-bribery management systems. Requirements with guidance for use".

The team of lawyers of KPD Consulting, headed by the head of Compliance Practice, counsel Stanislav Odnorob with the participation of Managing Partner Igor Kalitventsev,  included auditors Serhii Cherviak and Stanislav Komchadalov.

Stanislav Odnorob has mentioned: "The process of assessing corruption risks is crucial for building an effective system on combating and preventing corruption in the company. Its task is not just to determine a level of risk "for information", but also includes assessing the suitability and effectiveness of the existing processes aimed at reduction of corruption risk and the introduction of new mechanisms. We were happy to see the company's high level of implemented anti-corruption standards and provide assistance to the leading energy company of Ukraine in such an important process as combating and preventing corruption. We hope that our advice will increase the effectiveness of the existing anti-corruption compliance system, assist to its enhancement and enable state enterprise to enhance their success in the future."

Oleg Polishchuk (Director for Corruption Prevention and Combatting - Advisor of the President of SE NNEGC Energoatom) commented: "We are glad to cooperate with the professional team of KPD Consulting. I am convinced that the introduction of recommendations received from KPD Consulting taking into account international experience will contribute our Company to improve its efficiency. We are satisfied with the result and quality of the services provided and we have already begun to implement the received recommendations. We hope that despite the fact that the risk assessment has already been carried out, KPD Consulting will, if necessary, assist us at the stage of implementation of recommendations."

SE NNEGC ENERGOATOM was established in October 1996. The Company operates four nuclear power plants with 15 power units. Energoatom provides about 55% of Ukraine’s need for electricity, during autumn-winter periods this figure reaches 70%. Ukraine is the eighth in the world in terms of installed NPP capacity. Following the results of 2018, Ukraine was the second in the world in the share of NPP electricity in the total electricity production in the country. More

Stanislav Odnorob


Head of anti-corruption practice




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