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KPD CONSULTING Law Firm has successfully protected interests of Steiner-Ukraine Private Enterprise in proceedings on debt recovery under a delivery contract.

The client applied to KPD Consulting for legal assistance regarding the buyer's evasion of payment for goods received from the client under the delivery contract.

The court agreed with all the arguments provided by attorneys of KPD Consulting Law Firm and in the final analysis of the case has made a decision in favor of Steiner-Ukraine Private Enterprise and recovered from the purchaser the principal amount of a debt, penalty, 3 per cent per annum and inflationary expanses.

Igor Kalitventsev an Attorney and the Managing Partner at KPD Consulting Law Firm headed the lawyers team in this matter. Maksym Cherednichenko an attorney of the legal department supported the case in court.

Igor Kalitventsev has commented: “There is a tendency in today's realities when purchasers refuse to pay for the received goods under the delivery contract, which make it necessary for the suppliers to file a claim to court on debt recovery. In order to achieve a positive result in the shortest possible time it is important to prepare all procedural documents in proper way and represent interests directly in court on a high level. The result of such actions is not only the obligation of the purchaser to pay the principal amount of a debt, but also penalties and court fees, which in fact compensates the Client for the lost time and expanses related to litigation."

Concerning the successful representation of the Client's interests the Director of Steiner-Ukraine Private Enterprise Oleksiy Kolodchenko has mentioned: “We are glad to have applied to KPD CONSULTING for legal assistance, since attorneys of KPD CONSULTING have not only achieved a positive result for us, but also demonstrated a high level of professionalism both in judicial process and in the process of providing us with appropriate advices."

Steiner-Ukraine Private Enterprise is an engineering company that represents the leading European and world manufacturers of technological and packaging equipment, which has been successfully operating on the Ukrainian market since 2006. The clients and business partners of the Company are the largest enterprises of both Ukrainian and world business.


Igor Kalitventsev

Managing Partner

KPD Consulting



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