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Introducing “LICHTAR e.V.”: Energizing Ukraine's Future!

KPD Consulting, as a cofounder, is proud to announce the launch of the LICHTAR foundation, a charity fund registered in Hamburg, Germany, dedicated to restoring and rebuilding Ukraine's energy sector during and after the war. We extend our gratitude to our cofounders Werner Wirth, TrainingsManufaktur Dreiklang, and EEPro for their unwavering dedication and support.

"Lichtar" signifies "lantern" in Ukrainian and "light" in German, embodying our mission to illuminate hope and progress, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow in Ukraine. While we are focusing on the energy and infrastructure sector, it goes without saying that we are excited to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations from all other business areas.

We will announce our first specific project initiatives in the nearest future and look forward to active participation in fundraising efforts at that time.

We remain readily available for any inquiries, project ideas, or membership requests in the meantime.

For more information about our mission, upcoming projects, and how you can contribute, please visit LICHTAR e.V. website at

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