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KPD Consulting Law Firm successfully protected interests of UA-BUDSERVIS LLC in case on recovery of the paid funds and losses incurred in connection with the delivery of equipment.

The client applied to KPD Consulting for legal assistance immediately after commencement of the proceedings.

The court agreed with all the arguments provided by attorneys of KPD Consulting Law Firm and in the final analysis of the case has made a decision in favor of UA-BUDSERVIS LLC.

Igor Kalitventsev an Attorney and the Managing Partner of KPD Consulting Law Firm and Kristina Marynoshenko the Director of the Dispute Resolution Department headed the lawyers team in this matter. Maksim Cherednichenko an attorney of the legal department supported the case in court.

Igor Kalitventsev has mentioned: "Taking into account unclear provisions of the current legislation and controversial court practice, the result of the case was difficult to predict in advance, but the court, acting in full compliance with the procedural law and on the basis of the submitted evidences and grounds of legal position, has adopted a legitimate and justified decision in favor of our Client".

Concerning the successful representation of the Client the Director of UA-BUDSERVIS LLC Solovyov Anatoliy Olegovych has mentioned: "We highly appreciated the professionalism of attorneys of KPD Consulting Law Firm and their property prepared

protection strategy, which led to the adoption of a positive decision for our company. We are pleased to cooperate with KPD Consulting".

UA-BUDSERVIS LLC has been operating on the Ukrainian market since 2005. The company provides construction equipment; equipment for power supply, heating, garden, water supply and drainage; pneumatic equipment; machine tools and professional tools. The company has a wide network of branches, representative offices and pick-up points of goods throughout Ukraine. The company UA-BUDSERVIS has long and actively cooperated with the leading world manufacturers of professional equipment. Among the customers and business partners of the Company are both the major Ukrainian business players and retail customers.

Igor Kalitventsev

Managing Partner

KPD Consulting



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